The Organization is specialized in four areas such as Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Good governance. HAPA Organization targets marginalized group including children, women, youth and people with disabilities. HAPA is implementing its activities in both, hardware and software as explained below.


i ) Hardware

Specialized in designing , construction and rehabilitation of community based health infrastructure (dispensaries and medical staff houses ) and supply of medical equipment to the rehabilitated / newly built dispensaries

ii ) Software

HAPA specialized in facilitation and provision of health education through Community Based Health Care ( CBHC ) and child to child technique.


i ) Hardware

HAPA specialized in designing, drilling and construction of water infrastructure particularly shallow wells, bore holes with hand pumps, rainwater-harvesting tanks and rehabilitation of the existing water piped schemes. On the other hand, HAPA is involved in construction of pit latrines or toilets to health and education institutions ( health facilities, primary and secondary schools) and construction of sanitation centers for community to learn and adopt different types of pit latrines.

ii ) Software

HAPA provide trainings to school pupils, school teachers, school committees, community artisans, Animators on Hygiene and sanitation skills. Train management skills for community water users group and association. The organization offers and facilitates the dissemination of education massages on hygiene by using Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation( PHAST), Mtumba innovative Participatory Approach , Child to Child approach (CtC) and Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS).


i). Hardware

HAPA is involved in construction of classroom and staff house drawings, teacher’s offices and house, supporting community in making school desks and furniture.

ii). Software

HAPA provides trainings to school pupils, school teachers and school committees by using leaner centered approach that facilitated through CtC methodologies.